Matthew Snelson

Senior Consultant


“I thrive in the fast-paced newsroom-like environment of APA, finding the news angles, creating the messaging, and placing the stories to gain maximum recognition and traction.”
  • Public relations
  • Issues management

Matthew is an award-winning journalist, chief of staff and presenter, who leverages over a decade of experience working at the top level of the Australian media industry.

He began his career as a journalist and reporter on radio, before working his way into national and international reporting roles at Channel 9, 7 and WIN, and managing newsrooms as a chief of staff.

His clients benefit from his extensive network of media contacts,  knowledge of what makes news, the decision making processes to get stories to air and the logistics of capturing news electronically.

Matthew thrives in the fast pace of APA’s newsroom-like environment  and works with clients needing to harness the power of the media to raise awareness of an issue or brand, or enhance a call for change or the status quo.