Exam time is near – Whether the HSC or IB

It is crunch time for Year 12 students with only days to go until final exams begin.

For many that means the finish line is finally in sight for the Higher School Certificate.

But for a growing number of students on the lower north shore, the International Baccalaureate is the focus.

Redlands, which was the first school in NSW to offer the IB, has about 50 per cent of Year 12 students studying the global course this year.

“We offer both the HSC and IB because we believe it is important for students to have the choice and flexibility to select between the two rather different courses,” Redlands principal Peter Lennox said.

Indicative of Redlands’ numbers, one school captain has chosen the IB, while the other has opted to complete the HSC.

“It’s friendly competition,” Madeleine SarichPrince said.

She said the IB was the “obvious choice” because it suited her style of learning.

“I’ve got a wide range of interests so it keeps all my doors open but it also has the international element which I really enjoy,” she said.

William Gleeson chose to stick with the HSC as he could tailor it to what he was really passionate about.

While Redlands has the largest percentage of students choosing the IB in the area, other schools have seen numbers swell.

Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College has 20 per cent of Year 12 students studying the IB this year and next year it will be 32 per cent.

At Queenwood there are 14 Year 12 students completing the IB, with that number set to double.

“We have seen a strong increase in interest in the IB, not least because it incorporates a global perspective into every aspect of the program,” Queenwood principal Elizabeth Stone said.