A Gem of an Opportunity: ANSTO Minerals Calls for 2018 Interns

ANSTO Minerals is calling on students completing a Chemical Engineering, Industrial Chemistry or Chemistry university degree to put their hands up for an opportunity to work hands-on in their field.

Students will have the opportunity to work with some of the nation’s brightest minds on a range of exciting projects, providing invaluable insight and knowledge to help students forge their careers.

The Year in Industry Program gives students approaching their final year of study the chance to get behind the scenes at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO).

The paid internship within ANSTO Minerals will see the students apply their theoretical knowledge to gain practical experience, assisting a team with world-leading expertise in areas such as rare earth processing.

Adrian Manis from ANSTO Minerals, said this is a wonderful opportunity to work on the frontline of groundbreaking research

“As part of the ANSTO Minerals team, the Year In Industry students will be working alongside leading scientists and engineers, which is a rare opportunity for university students,” Manis said.

“ANSTO Minerals also works very closely with industry, meaning that this is a unique experience to put the skills you learn at university to the test, and see them have real impacts within the minerals industry.

“We are looking for students with a positive attitude and excellent interpersonal skills who have an interest in working in a hands-on research and development environment.

“Gaining practical experience outside the classroom is important, as it gives you the chance to test out all that knowledge you’ve gained, and it’s also a way to learn new things and to see what you are most interested in.

“ANSTO works in all areas of science – producing potentially lifesaving nuclear medicines and using nuclear science to solve problems and find solutions in areas such as health, the environment and industry.

“ANSTO Minerals takes our scientific expertise and applies it to problems found in industry, to improve practices and methodologies.

“Here at ANSTO we strongly support investing in the next generation of scientists and researchers by providing programs such as the Year In Industry program, and we encourage all eligible students to apply.”

To be eligible students must be in the penultimate year of study for their Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or related degree, with at least one full year of study remaining.

For further technical information relating to this position please refer to the Position Information Package or contact Adrian Manis on +61 (02) 9717 9214. For all other queries please contact the Early Career Talent and Development team on +61 (02) 9717 3094.