Nick Trainor

Senior Consultant


“I believe that a strong communications campaign is about creating tangible outcomes – it is about building awareness or support for a matter, issue or organisation that translates into getting the change you want or stopping the change you don’t want. Without the focus it all just becomes more noise in a busy world.”

•    Media Advice
•    Government Relations and Lobbying
•    Issues and Crisis Management

Nick is a campaign manager with a background in journalism and as a Press Secretary to the Leader of the ALP, Bill Shorten.

His career began as a journalist for the Epoch Times, where he focused on economic, political, geo-political and breaking news stories.

He was recruited to the Federal ALP as a communications advisor – working for many years across a variety of portfolios including Citizenship and Multiculturalism, Communications and Small Business, and advising on a range of policy areas including the NBN, immigration, mobile blackspots, media reform and small business tax regulation.

During the 2016 Federal election, Nick worked out of the Leader’s office as the campaign’s Senior Press Secretary managing daily campaign issues and messaging.

At APA, Nick combines his knowledge of media and government to design and execute effective campaigns on behalf of clients.  His expertise is on social policy and services including health, welfare, education and training.