Philip McCall

Deputy CEO

Master of Commerce

Bachelor of Communications Studies

“The right team of consultants and internal personnel; the right strategy and mix of public affairs and communications; and the right timing; are the difference between an opportunity maximised or missed, between a public defence made or failed, or between you meeting your organisation’s goals or just generating white noise.”
  • Campaign director

  • Issues and Crisis Management

  • Media and Public Relations

  • Profile-building

Phil is a skilled campaign director with a strong record in crafting and protecting profile for causes and organisations, sparking public debate to influence mass opinion, and managing significant issues.

His background is as a media advisor for the NSW Government in the portfolios of planning and disability services, before becoming the senior media advisor to a NSW Premier.

He has also worked as a senior in-house advisor at CityRail, for ANSTO which operates the Lucas Heights reactor, and a media industry association, managing high-profile issues on a daily basis.

At APA, Phil manages campaigns across the nuclear, transport, property development, remediation, mining, energy, professional services, health, science, hospitality, charity and church sectors.

With more than 15 years of experience, he draws on a deep insight into the workings of, and interrelationships between, media, government, stakeholders and the public service. This is the fundamental platform upon which he conceives of, and delivers, winning campaigns.