Tracey Cain

Chief Executive Officer

GD Broadcast, LLB, MPA, MAICD

“Reputation and issues management are not about spin. They are about integrity and growing coalitions of stakeholders to join the journey of resolving an issue, tackling a challenge, working through change, or seizing an opportunity associated with a strategic plan."
  • Communications strategist

  • Advisor to Boards and CEOs

  • Issues and crisis management

  • Media and politics

Tracey has provided strategic advice on many of Australia’s highest profile issues, significant public debates and notable brands for the last thirty years.

As a trusted communications advisor to Boards, CEOs and Ministers, Tracey has established APA as a highly-respected practice across multiple industries and sectors.

Her background is in journalism including in the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery; followed by time as a ministerial media adviser in Australia and the White House in the USA.

She has worked in-house as a Director of Communications for a leading Australian corporate law firm offering advice to the firm and its clients; and has also served as a founding CEO for a health and aged care foundation.

Having served on multiple Boards and worked with hundreds of CEOs, Tracey has the added perspective of being able to blend communications with governance and risk management.