Sidney Nolan: Date Night at the Heide Museum of Modern Art


Date destinations are difficult to decide on. You can propose a sit-down meal at a restaurant with photogenic platters. Or, you can prop against a dimly-lit bar where the bartender knows your usual. Dates in the gardens of Heide, however, is an entirely different experience. With its spacious fields, in-situ sculptures, and housemuseums, Heide MoMA is an elegant setting for meetings and, perchance, romance. At the inaugural Date Night, guests are served a selection of excellent cheese and wine, along with conversation topics. Afterwards, guests proceed through Heide I exhibitions for a private, after-hours viewing of “Nolan at the Newsagent.” This makes for a date that is a cross between garden party and art salon, without the delicate china and speeches. Whether you have a passing or keen interest in art, you will find your kind in gatherings here.

Heide Museum of Modern Art is to Melbourne what Bloomsbury is to London: a place defined by a clique of iconoclasts. Formerly a dairy farm, the land was purchased in the 1930s by Sunday Baillieu and John Reed, where the couple envisioned a setting to cultivate art and letters. Part private residence and part co-working space, Heide was a significant incubator for Australian modernist architecture, sculpture, painting, poetry, and prose.