Hay day for farmers struck by drought


DROUGHT-STRICKEN farmers in the greater New England area will receive 1000 tonnes (2000 bales) of donated hay on Friday as part of a convoy of 30 road trains and semitrailers.

The hay, coming from both Western Australia and Tasmania, will be distributed to more than 200 drought-stricken farmers in the North West, including Tamworth, Gunnedah and the Liverpool Plains.

The hay donation is in response to the NSW government’s announcement that 100 per cent of the state is now in drought. As a result, the Rapid Relief Team (RRT) is continuing its extensive Operation Drought Relief campaign throughout NSW.

The RRT will donate $500,000 of hay,and $100,000 of food coupons to the communities in and around the greater New England and North West areas, with RRT volunteers also hosting a free community barbecue and fundraiser on Friday and Saturday. Rio Tinto has donated 75 tonnes of hay, as part of the delivery.

The RRT has committed 100 per cent of every dollar raised to go directly to farmers. To date, the campaign has raised close to $3 million.