Interview with Kate Lynch, CEO, Stillbirth Foundation Australia

Sky News Live | Friday 5 July 2019

Interview with Kate Lynch, CEO, Stillbirth Foundation Australia.

Connell says more than 2000 babies are stillborn in Australia and statistics reveal the stillborn rates have been consistent in decades, but up to 1/3 of these are preventable through adequate education problems and national health campaigns.

Lynch says the definition of fetal death in Australia is after 20 weeks of gestation. She states the stillborn rates haven't changed.

Lynch states the government has accepted all 16 recommendations from last year's Senate inquiry. She says the stillborn rates in Australia could be reduced through research, further education for healthcare professionals in delivery and maternity care, and education for pregnant mothers.

Lynch points out the recommendations from the committee and the government funding focuses on public health policy which enables for the dissemination of vital information to pregnant moms. She states the package includes the submission of important information from research to doctors.